Connection. I have always searched for it. With people, nature, light, life. Photography has provided me the medium to capture connections. A photo is a time machine that can transport someone right back to a brief moment, feeling, and experinece.

My love for creating windows into moments began when I became a Mama. From there on I was addicted to photography!

I am easy going, plan driven, up for a laugh, and ready for some fun! These elements all come together in planning your session or event with a relaxed photo ninja style that captures the moments that mean the most to you!

Posed photos are a must, but the real magic is captured in between the expected moments. I love candid photography and if you don't I hope to convince you otherwise!

Photographing in your happy place, your home, in nature, or a favorite spot, is where a background becomes a setting. It is an important element to your story. It is an choice that should be given consideration and a conversation!

Of course you want to feel your best and I can offer some style tips that will help capture the beauty of your session.

My photography is a team sport. Let's talk about what you want out of your session, who you are, ideas, poses, and techniques that I can use to make our session successful!

There will always be a reason why you put off your family session or event you look, your kids are too young, you are too busy. I have said all of those. You should capture NOW. This is how your life is. It isn't perfect, but it is perfectly yours and it deserves to be apprecaited for all the flaws, details, and nuances that make it so.

I am located in Flagstaff, AZ with my beautiful girls, husband, doggie, and this incredible landscape! I often travel to beautiful Colorado as well as it is my former home.

I would love to hear from you, text, email, or phone call! I am happy to chat or grab a coffee to talk about your photography ideas, needs, questions, and inquiries!

Until then, may your day be touched with laugher, love, and a smile. It is what makes a day worthwhile. Thanks for yout time!

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