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A photography session is an investment in capturing what life is like right now! Choosing what to wear is an important part of your session preparation. Be thrifty and choose from your current closet or feel free to shop for something new. Whichever works for you, remember to try to make the process fun and stress free. I have been on the other end of the lens and had to style my family for a session. Here is a list of tips that I have found useful! Happy styling!

Please visit my Pinterest page for example ensembles:


This website is great for finding colors that work well together:

1) If you have a room in your home that you would like to display the photos in feed off that color schemes for your outfits.

2) Be mindful of the colors at the location your session is at. Your outfit should be complimentary (across on the color wheel) or analogous colors (next to each other on the color wheel). If you are doing an urban session with possible red brick wall backgrounds try a shade of orange or green, but stay away from red. For a country session with trees as backgrounds try blue or yellow, but stay away from green. (For a color wheel visit)

3) You can wear all neutrals (these could include jewel tones, browns, navy, grey black, but darker colors), no prints or just solids. This will draw the attention in photos to your face because the pull of colors is less.


4) Take a more lifestyle approach and where clothes that you typically wear including more color. Choose about 3-4 colors (depending on the number of people in your session). Shades of a color work well together too. Then add neutrals blue, black, grey, tan, but just not all of those.


1) Try to limit prints for adults, but use them moderately for children.

2) Mix up the location of colors on the body. For instance, if you are using red maybe use a pair of shoes that are red in one outfit and a jewelry accent in another. Mixing the colors throughout the outfits works.

3) Layers are also good. Put a t-shirt under a button down for the guys/boys or a nice fitting blazer/jacket or cardigan for girls/ladies.

4) Clothing can create lines by where clothing stops. This can occur at a less favorite part of the body. For example: Hipster jeans and a t shirt will end at the widest part of a woman's hips. If you want to add curve to your shape this will work, but if you have curvy hips and don't want to draw attention to that area avoid this combination of clothing. Try a natural waist dress.

5) Cover up areas of the body that you aren't fond of. For instance, if you aren't a fan of your arms, wear 3/4 length sleeves or for your legs a knee length skirt or pants.

6) Wear fitted clothing, but that doesn't mean tight. If you wear a bulky sweater or very loose blouse it makes a rectangular shape to the body which is not as figure flattering. A tailored jacket or fitted cardigan allows for curves to show and be posed accordingly.

7) Leave your athletic shoes at home unless you are wearing an athletic outfit. If you're session is outdoors and you are planning on wearing very fancy shoes, bring your tennis shoes to wear between background changes.

 8) Stick to logo and writing free shirts. 

9) Your hands will be in the photos so check your finger nails the day before. If you need to give a little grooming to your hands and nails please do so. Check for nail polish that needs removed or touched up. 


1) Try to get haircuts 1-2 weeks from your session sate. That way its fresh, but not too fresh. 9) Wear makeup, hair, and accessories like you normally would. If it is windy please consider pulling longer hair half up to help mitigate fly aways in your face.

2) Lay the outfits on the floor and snap a photo to see how they look together. Feel free to send the photo to me! I am happy to give feedback.

3) Have your outfits selected at least two or three days before your session. Less stress. You don't have to run out and buy all new outfits. Start in the closet of the toughest person to style and work from there. Kids are usually the easiest to choose.

MOST IMPORTANT: Be comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing! I am happy to suggest color schemes and provide feedback on outfit choices. 

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